June 25, 2024

Zero Doubt and Zero Resistance!

Have you been watching all the webinars and videos about how to achieve your goals that have been offered by all the Network Marketing Experts and Personal Development Coaches in the past three or four weeks? I did. Some evenings I had signed up for two or three, counting that they all would have a replay or encore session. Many had great tips and practical action steps to get started. However, writing them down, is the easy part. Creating your game plan for 2016 is not an activity that can be accomplished in half an hour, but needs some in-depth and realistic view at those areas that you want to get better results in the year ahead.

Running: Going forward at a fast speed

Running: Going forward at a fast speed


This blog post is not about how to create a results driven game plan, but more about your attitude and expectations about yourself to be able to work diligently and consistently on those activities that move you in the right direction. What is the biggest obstacle that will block your road to success?

It is human nature to doubt the outcome of a decision to become reality. The opposite of doubt is belief. When you make a choice to do something you either think it will happen, you belief you can do it, or you doubt that it will work and you are not committed to give it your 100%. Some of us are naturally positive thinkers and have a clear vision of achieving their plans. But the majority of us, has learned in life that not everything will happen the way you want it.

This is a conundrum that can temper any action you take because you look at each step from all angles and then let some weak excuse determine if you’ll do it or not. Why is it that some are achieving anything they want and others struggle? It all comes down to stories you have made up throughout your life that keep popping up any time you need to take action. You know which ones I mean.



There is really only one solution: ignore all the BS that you have been feeding yourself and step up! Get over the feel-good-feeling of lamenting to yourself why you are living a mediocre lifestyle and your to-do-list that still shows tasks from two years ago. It serves you to think that you cannot become the person you were destined to be. You prefer the comfort of your family, friends and the job you have for the last 5 or 10 years blaming the economy for not changing. However, a coin has 2 sides and with everything you do or not do, you make a choice that affects the rest of your life.

Change is not easy. Small changes can have a big effect over time. Creating a new habit asks for determination and discipline. It is like learning to ride a bike. First you need someone to hold it, then you are left by yourself and it works. And when you get better at keeping it in motion, it becomes fun and you enjoy the ride! It takes courage to take a new direction.  For those who have a big goal to accomplish consider that the journey to get there is part of the process. The road can have bents and bumps, but at the end you know your destination. Have faith and trust your guts that you were created for doing something significant.


Dare to be you!

For me, I know where I’m going. I have not everything figured out yet, and probably will have to adjust the course. My game plan for the year is broken down in monthly action plans. Each month I will evaluate what I completed and amend the plan for next month accordingly. Writing this blog post has let me express how I think about my own habits and feelings. And that I really am a coward that does not walk what I talk and preach about. Something has to change!

Indeed, the only way to leave a legacy and to fulfill my mission in this life is to do whatever it takes. Therefore, my 2016 motto: Be Committed, Be Confident, Be Consistent! This quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt says it best!

Zero Doubt!

Thus I declare going forward:

Zero Doubt! Zero Resistance!

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