November 26, 2022

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How To Create YOUR Blissful Post-Career Life

5-step PROCESS to retirement


Are you ready to create a new phase of your life that allows you to live a purposeful life full of joy and prosperity?

Have you been working for thirty of forty years in a job that was interesting and exiting when you started, but through the years the challenges are creating instead more stress than fulfillment?

Do you want to harness your vitality and bring your awesome dream vision to fruition to make the after-career period exciting, empowering and blissful? You’ll find the answer here on the Work-With-Me page.


Here is how I can help you to create your blissful Golden Years in my 5-Step Process To Retirement:

  1. Envision how you want to spend the golden years of your life. Together we will explore the different aspects of your dream life and get clarity on what makes you happy and lets you live the lifestyle you desire/ deserve.
  2. Inventory of your current situation to get a picture of the 5 key elements for a fulfilling retirement: health, social connections, activities, finances and identity.
  3. Designing your dream lifestyle using the current situation as starting point. Making short term and long term goals to plan the roadmap to your desired post-career life. Looking at what habits and activities to keep, what can go, and how to prioritize action steps to achieve the intended dream retirement.
  4. Execution of the developed action plan/roadmap. Implementation activities to be ready for the day that you leave your 9-5. Changing habits, taking small steps to achieve the bigger goals in the timeframe available.
  5. Periodical review of progress made towards the goals for a blissful post-career life. Support and accountability from me all the way. Assisting in modifying the plan to achieve the ultimate dream retirement.


Below Coaching Packages Are Available:


>>>Envision YOUR Blissful Post-Career Life

  • 5 sessions of 1 hour with Maria
  • Access to private Facebook Group
  • Ask questions by email

Package Price is $700 when paid in full. Or 2 instalments: $400 at registration and $350 within 1 month.


>>>Design YOUR Blissful Post-Career Life

12 months coaching program includes the following:

  • 12 laser coaching sessions of 90 minutes with Maria (1st week of the month)
  • 12 private consultations of 60 minutes with Maria (3rd week of the month)
  • Biweekly Group Questions & Answers session of 15 minutes (2nd & 4th week)
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Complimentary ticket to 2-day retreat in 2019 (Dates TBA)

Not sure if this is right for you or maybe you have questions?

Schedule your FREE Strategy call here.

Own your tomorrow and stay positive today.

Maria Lucassen

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