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Are you ready for 2013?

I am excited about the New Year! Are you feeling the same way?

I just know this will be the best year I had so far. I feel good about what I’m doing with my life and I am in great shape physically.

Today, January 1, 2013 I invited some friends to my house for a New Year’s brunch which I prepared partially last night. Five years ago, I started this tradition on New Years day and people love to come out. It is such a nice start of a new year, meeting friends and making new acquaintances. Here in Florida, it was a gorgeous sunny day, so we had the patio doors open and sat outside for a while sipping mimosas or drinking Dutch beer. A neighbor graciously helped to clean up the house afterwards, so I have some time left for my blog….

My resolutions for 2013:

**I want to be a great friend, sister and daughter;

**I want to be more outgoing and meet new people, complete the Advanced Toastmaster Bronze certificate, and attend social gatherings of the local Dutch club or other cultural events;

**I want to stay fit and active, go to the gym, walk another 5K and join people that like the outdoors;

**I want to eat healthy, do a cleanse and work on my sweet ‘tooth’;

**I want to grow professionally, by looking for more effective ways for recurring tasks at work and finish some projects which I started in 2012.

**I want to inspire fellow female accountants in attending a dinner meeting of the local chapter of the American Women Society of Certified Public Accountants and assist the affiliate in finding quality speakers for these events.

**I like to sharpen my skills and every year I challenge myself to complete the different tests for Volunteer Tax Preparer of the VITA program. This service provides free tax returns for low income families and seniors. I am committed to be a VITA volunteer again for the 2012 tax return season.

**I want to be more assertive and confident when approaching people for participation in my business as a partner or a customer. My goal is to become a National Director by June 2013.

Just some thoughts about what I will be working on in the New Year. However, I like to seize the moment and am always looking for ways to improve my life and become a better person. I’ll keep you posted…..

Do YOU have any goals for 2013? Let me know what you think!

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