May 23, 2024

My Story

After a successful career in the hospitality industry, I was laid off one time too often, and because of the terrible events on 09/11/2001, I had to find a different profession. During my college years, I enjoyed doing all the accounting exercises and always had good notes for tests. Currently, I am working as an accounting and tax manager for a private company that provides staff for commercial cleaning in hotels, casinos, and timeshare resorts.

In December 2010, I got a position back at a cruise line I had worked for five years earlier, but unfortunately, the parent company decided to merge and relocate this subsidiary to the other side of the US. Hence, I was unintentionally once again in the transition to new employment for several months. Being the good and responsible resident / customer / individual / person I am, I always made sure to pay the mortgage and other household bills no matter how. Unemployment assistance did just cover the mortgage so I had to dig in my savings for everything else.

When a friend re-introduced me to network marketing I decided to give this part-time venture a shot. At times it goes well and other times it is at a standstill and nothing happens. Meanwhile, I have a real full-time job that allows me to expand my experience and knowledge and thus is very rewarding. However, I do not want to depend on one income source alone as too often something unforeseen happens and there is no money left in my budget for sudden expensive problems.

Besides working part-time on my fortune, I enjoy being outdoors. Here in Florida are ample opportunities to divert oneself in or on the water, make road trips by bicycle, or just relax while gardening. I work out a few times a week, do yoga, or go for a walk to stay active and healthy.

I’m also passionate about volunteering and giving back to the community. Every year I participate in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program that helps elderly people and low-income families to file their tax returns for free. To qualify I have to pass several tests each year. I am also part of the Red Cross Volunteers that take care of hurricane shelters during the season. But Florida has been lucky for the last couple of years…. I also enjoy developing new skills that enhance my professional or personal qualities such as becoming a competent communicator in the Toastmasters program, giving presentations on topics that inspire or educate people, and mentoring other members.

After several years of researching the many opportunities online and in real life, I found some great coaches that helped me to stay focussed on what I want to accomplish and at the same time encouraged me to become my authentic ME in everything I do. Now I am designing my future blissful post-career life, and as a Retirement Coach, I will inspire and serve many women just like me who envision a happy, healthy, and purposeful next chapter of their life.

Thanks much for reading.

All the best,

Maria Lucassen

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