June 25, 2024

How to Enjoy Christmas Alone.

This year, like last year, and the years before, millions of people will be celebrating this Christian Holiday alone. The general opinion is that Christmas should be spend with others: family, friends. But just being by yourself is no reason to feel sad or lonely. Because of my work in the hotel industry I often worked during those days. If your spouse has a job in a hospital, is a pilot or police agent, he or she could be working too.

I love this time of the year as the decorations, festivities and traditions create experiences that make it very special. I was raised in a catholic family and I cherish the memories of cold winter days going to church and hearing the youth choir sing new and traditional carols. Nowadays, I do not worship every week, but for Christmas I will spend time at church and be warmed by the decoration and hymns/songs for this occasion. It is a place I can go and meet other friendly people who also enjoy the mesmerizing feeling of the Christmas story.

Delicious cup of tea…

The Christmas tradition is in many cultures a family oriented gathering. I always enjoyed playing games with my siblings or building jigsaw puzzles with my dad. However, I can solo play Mahjong, patience or solitaire card game or do crossword puzzles. Depending on the weather I might stay home and read a book that I got way back, and never had time to read.

Another worthwhile custom is watching movies. The television channels for sure offer a large selection of Christmas movies, an other option is to order your favorite flick from Netflix. But maybe you are tired of sitting home and want to see a real movie. All cinemas offer the latest films, and attending the matinee showing is perfectly fine to do alone. Don’t be surprised here – there are many people who had the same idea because not everybody is brought up in Christian beliefs.

Nowadays I live in a warmer climate, so I’m thinking of outdoor activities that will get me moving. I can go for a walk at the beach, in the park, with the dog, and feel the sun or the breeze on my face. Connecting with nature is a great way to get a clear head and make plans for what’s next (2020 or an upcoming life event). I even could do some light upkeep of my garden and pull some weeds.

These are a few ideas how I prefer to spend this special day. Even if you have a different faith, for sure you can find things to do that you like without feeling lonely. Think of something that you normally don’t make time for and treat it as a treasured favor for yourself. And to add excitement, establish a ritual specifically to happen every Christmas day to come.

What is Christmas without having some of the delicious famous food dishes from the country your from or where you live right now. If you don’t like to cook you can pamper yourself and find fresh locally made meals at most supermarkets. If you know other people who are alone this day, you could organize a potluck dinner and have good company.

Lastly, this is the perfect day to get in touch with your family and friends and talk with them about what they mean to you. It’s great to hear their voice, but even better to see them (Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook)! It is in the spirit of this occasion to connect and build relationships.

I could go on and on and on. It all boils down to how you think this day should be. It is in your mind to decide that this celebratory day is special and that you will feel this no matter what you do. What are some activities you do when you are all by yourself on Christmas Holiday? Comment below so I can learn and expand my possibilities for next year.

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