June 25, 2024


2015 has just started. As so many of us, I use the beginning of the New Year to make resolutions and to set goals. Somehow, it seems easier to make the decision to change at this time of the year, because the New Year is like a new book with no pages written yet. However, time does not wait for us to take action. Time is one of the few things that we cannot get back.

Even when we know what we want to change, we will need to make it happen. Results will not happen overnight and it often takes considerable effort to achieve a goal. Sometimes, we might not know how to get there, sometimes it seems too complicated, and other times we have fear of rejection or failure that stops us from getting started.


Some suggestions on how to get help:

–        Search for specific programs on line that offer guidance on topics such as how to “change a habit in 30 days”.

–        Look for coaches that have blogs for what you want to change and see if they offer a free 30 minute consultation.

–        Talk to people in your industry by checking contributions on LinkedIn in related groups or forums.

–        Find a mentor that can guide you and hold you accountable.


Depending on what the goal is, sometimes we need someone to help us to get you to the next level. We can know what we need to do, we can have all the tools and we are open to learning from the best. However, all this does not make us successful if we lack discipline or have fear of failure issues.

I belong to this group of people that want to move-up and “hope” that this time it is the right person, this time it will happen.  But I must admit, that there are too many distractions that I use as excuse for not getting the results I want.


Today, I just throw it out there. I need a mentor! Somebody that I can rely on to keep me focused and accountable.


What does a good mentor do?

–        He/she has knowledge on the topic and is willing to share the expertise

–        He/she is committed to helping the mentee and will set aside time to talk

–        He/she has an open mind and is a good listener that will give advice that makes sense

–        He/she offers tactful and constructive feedback on performance and tells the truth no matter how tough.

–        He/she is an avid learner on new developments in the industry and displays curiosity for trends.

–        He/she is a positive role model, showing sincerity in all activities that can influence his/her surroundings.

–        Keep the relationship “formal” so both parties know what to expect and for what amount of time.


My goal for 2015 is to find a Mentor.

Preferable a person in Network Marketing that  has time available on a weekly basis and can commit to provide strategic, personal and motivational support.  Maybe he/she wants to get a rave testimony on leadership skills?

Do you have a mentor? How did you get started and what is the one thing that made it successful for both parties?

If you got value from this post or want to comment on my questions, I would love to hear from you.

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