November 29, 2023

Day 2 at Top Earner Academy Live event in Orlando – 06/13/2014

So glad I came to this event! My head is spinning with all the great information today. Need to write down action steps for when I get back home.

Your blog can be a passive lead generator if you use it effectively. By posting frequently you will generate followers. Especially if you talk about issues that help people and make them curious about you and your next post. Creating value is the keyword! Ray Higdon shared some simple blogging steps today.

You need to be able to express the concept of your post’s topic in a short description. His suggestion is to use Google Keyword Planner a great tool that can help in choosing the right words for your subject. So far, I always put tags under each posts, but it did not bring a lot of visitors yet to this blog.

Ray‘s next tip is to include a video in which you share some things about the main point(s) of your topic. He has a great blog and posts videos almost every day on subjects that inspire, teach or recommend someone. If you are curious about him and how he helps other network marketers, or if you want to get more tips on blogging, check him out. Ray Higdon on Make Money Blogging

I made the below video outside the beautiful JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes hotel in Orlando, Florida. It is a short video about Day 2 of this powerful event.

I’m excited about all the things I’m learning. Let me know when you like my post or video.



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