February 3, 2023



It has taken me a while to figure out what I can do with the WordPress page that I started off as a blog two years ago. I’m still working on improving and streamlining my output and how I can use it to become a successful entrepreneur. On this page I want to give you some advice on things that I use to run a blog and for promoting my ideas, resources and products.

Here are the Blog resources that I’ve used:

This blog website was created for me by Andrew Murray’s team. He has a free 60 day marketing course on how to market your blog. You can find out more about him here.

However, you need a few things in order to have an effective blog page. And you need to find out how they work so you can adapt to all the new features that are launched after you start.

First you need to buy a domain with the name of your website or blog. I use Godaddy.com to register my domain names. The website needs to have a hosting company in order to be published on the internet. Mine is integrated in the blog building package.

The Template for the blog is a WordPress theme. Besides lots of training videos on the support page and forum discussions on WordPress.com, there are many tutorials on Youtube and from other bloggers that can help answer questions.

To interact with customers or readers I use Acuity Scheduling to offer consultation sessions with appointment calendar. I also use an email auto responder to send email messages and communicate about new services or maintain a subscribers list for my newsletter. Aweber is used by most network marketers. This is a service that you cannot do without if your business depends on new leads to grow.

I plan to do webinars in the future and will run these from the same portal as the text blasts to customers or team members. Stay tuned on my blog for details.

Currently I use clickfunnels to create landing pages for specific services or products that I want to market on line via my website, on Facebook or any other media. This company offers several funnels that you can personalize in 30 minutes or less to generate traffic or get sales.


Other resources:

Evernote is a powerful program to be organized and have access to all things you want to remember. I wanted to do setup this a while ago, but did not complete the process. I just started out yesterday, and are still experimenting on how it works and getting used to all the possibilities. So far I like that I can use it on any device (if you download), and it is always updated. What is more important for me, is that I have piles of to-do-lists, notes of trainings I took, or cuts of newspaper articles floating around. I just do not have a sophisticated system that gives me access anywhere, anytime. Will let you know how it goes.




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