July 13, 2024

Last Day of Training at Top Earner Academy Live

As you might have noticed, it took me quite some time to have those 3 videos from the event posted to my blog. My “few” technical skills got in the way since the original videos were filmed in portrait format or sideways. Tried to convert them permanently, but luckily, I found out that it is easy to rotate the video by 90 degree once it is uploaded in YouTube. Had to search the internet for quite some time to find this golden nugget on video postings.

On the last day of this 3-day training we hear a lot about having the right mindset. Indeed, for many people that start in Network Marketing in a traditional direct sales company or in an internet business, it is quite common being discouraged by no-sayers, by disappearing team members or by difficulties finding leads. To get over these hurdles requires courage and determination to succeed.

Lisa Grossman, top-producing Multi-Level Marketing distributor shared some excellent Golden Nuggets on mindset with us:

–        Network marketing is about building a culture, building a community

–        It is not about you, it is about them. The relationship is what matters.

–        Become the person you want to recruit.

–        The better you are in paying it forward, the more successful you become.

–        Our job is to inspire people!

As a Network Marketer you can have a big impact on other people’s lives. You can inspire people to create their own dream lifestyle by joining your team. The only two things that will prevent you to reach your potential are your ego and money beliefs. As Ray Higdon taught us: You are worthy, but you gotta want it!

Of course, I’m practiced speaking off the cuff and made a short testimonial video about the last day of the event.


My conclusion: This was a well-rounded training on diverse subjects related to the industry of Network Marketing. Anyone just starting, or who is struggling, like I did, will hear different perspectives and learn some great tools that can be implemented right away.

I hope you got value out of my daily videos. Feel free to comment below.

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